I’m Game! (part 2)

Dallas skyline at night
The Dallas skyline at night

This is a continuation of this post from yesterday.

Today’s question:  Within each of your groups, do you see commonalities?

I responded to today’s question in RED!

1. Five colors: Magenta, lavender, forest green, ivory, Christmas red — These are colors found in nature and also in interesting interiors.

2. Five cities: Dallas, TX; Portland, OR; Baton Rouge, LA; Portland, ME; Santa Fe, NM — I have been to each of these and each has a sentimental attachment of some kind.  I’ve actually lived in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

3.  Five landscapes: Central American jungle, organic farm, Cajun bayou, Smoky Mountains, open sea — Each of these is a combination of exotic and comforting. These are places I’ve been, more specifically, places that I’m grateful to have been and experienced.

4.  Five interiors: Hogwarts, rustic cabin, castle, country church, general store — I’m gonna take a guess that these are all quirky, surprising, spiritual to me.
5. Five things you might wear: skirt, t-shirt, jeans, pj’s, sweater — comfort, definitely comfort, and casual and relaxed.

Looking forward to part three, Robin!

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