I’m Still Game (Part 3)

Question MarkThis is Part Three of a game that began with Robin’s invitation to play.  Here are my Part One and Part Two.  It took me a day or so to respond to Part Three, which got a lot more contemplative:

Third Question:  What do you consider to be the big question or conundrum of your life?

My answer:  “Am I doing the right thing?”  

Which brought up even more questions:
How do you know “when to hold ’em” and “when to fold ’em”?
Is there even a “right thing” anyway?
Is the right thing always the loving thing, and vice versa?
Why do some decisions seem so easy for me and not for others? (and vice versa)
Why can’t people get along?
Is choosing love the same thing as choosing God?
Just because it’s easy for me, does that mean it’s good/right?
Just because it’s painful/difficult for me, does that mean it’s time to stop?
And wandering off to other things:
Why am I so blessed?
What is my responsibility to the world?
Why does God’s way seem to lose to other ways?
Am I on God’s way or in God’s way?

Is “introspective” the same thing as “contemplative”?

Will I ever find and make a recipe for really good gluten-free bread?

And it goes on . . . and on . . .
Robin’s disclaimer:  I should probably warn you at this point that there is absolutely nothing behind these questions other than my own imagination.  I dreamed them up a couple of days ago when I was trying to work something out for myself, and they produced what seemed to me an intriguing insight.

It’s OK, Robin.  I’m hooked!  I’m still having fun with it.  You’ve made me think.  And even more, you’ve reminded me to celebrate some things I had forgotten were even hanging around.

I look forward to the final part that — my guess and my hope — will produce my own intriguing insight. Or something else entirely!

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