Friday Five: Counting Blessings

Newest family member: Daniel

Terri gives us a short and sweet Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals:

Offer five gratitudes you recognize in your life.

OK, then, in no particular order:

  • Very good health.  I was blessed with great genetics and have continued to be blessed by health care that’s been accessible enough and affordable enough. I’m approaching another birthday and I am grateful for how it’s going.
  • Meaningful work. At this moment, I am grateful that my work life is alive and well and going in some good new directions. Recently, when I thought it might very well be over with, I was called yet again. 
  • Gluten Free Pizza.  I made this recipe for GF pizza crust today for a pizza lunch that I’ve been wanting. It was easy and it’s really really good!  Toppings:  fresh basil, home grown tomatoes, onion and red pepper.
  • Cooler weather.  I can feel autumn in the air. And it feels really really good.
  • Family, family everywhere.  I am really grateful for a scattered family. It’s the fact, so let’s celebrate the joys of it! They are scattered all the way from Portland, OR to the deep South to NYC and Vermont.  I’m grateful for the experience of anticipating trips to visit them and looking forward to their visits with me.  In the next six weeks, I get to go to Portland, OR and Baton Rouge, LA.  So grateful!  

BONUS: An unexpected blessing today was being touched by  “The Place I Want to Get Back To,” the Mary Oliver poem posted by Terri.  Thank you, Terri, for the many ways you speak to our spirits.

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