Lenten Photos Day 1: Who Am I?

As part of my Lenten practice this year, I have decided to participate in the Lenten 40 Day Photo Challenge at rethinkchurch.org.  The idea is to take a photo that is about the word or phrase of the day. It is supposed to require paying attention and being intentional, which sounds like a spiritual discipline to me!

Who Am I?
Today I am:
  • Starting the day a concerned mom and grandmother 
  • An early riser in Baton Rouge; commuter to New Orleans
  • Interim Pastor at Central St. Matthew UCC in NOLA
  • In need of a hair cut and a massage
  • The recipient of ashes twice in one day
  • Offering ashes from the (covered) Carrollton Ave. campus front steps during cold rain at noon (pic taken there)
  • Singing and praying there, too, with some who came by.
  • Enchilada cook at lunch (nothing new there!)
  • Relieved about good medical test results for a loved one
  • Messaged and encouraged during sermon prep
  • Preacher for our NOLA clergy-sponsored service tonight
  • Face-to-face with “the Chicago thing” . . . again.
  • Peaceful about “the Chicago thing” . . . really
  • Reasonably satisfied about the preaching tonight
  • Gluten-free in a gluten-filled Communion world (it seems)

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