A Psalm in the Chaos

IMG_0767In the chaos of this time
we threw up our hands and screamed
we hid in the house and binged on mindless TV
we went on with our lives with singular determination
to work harder and avoid the coming catastrophe

“Give us joy!” and “Give us faith!” they shouted
Not our own authentic voice
Not our own cries of sorrow and anger
Not out loud, not seeking embrace or offering empathy

“Share your stories” and “Make us feel better”
But the story was empty, the symbols tired

We wait for a savior — an adult — a salvation
in answers, bank accounts, security
in action, right theology, left-ish politics
We hold out old wineskins for wine that will not come

You moved us. Punishment was the means of grace?

Can we embrace You — now? here?
Can we boldly love in a hate-full world?
Can we offer refuge when we ourselves are afraid?

You call forth the Holy in us
You conjure strength from weakness
breathe energy into fatigue
cajole joy out of apathy

In You is my Home


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