My Serious (Enough) Continuing Education Week

I returned Saturday from RevGalBlogPals Big Event 6.0.  Rachel Hackenberg led us to to play — and play some more — with the Living Word “In Her [Our] Own Words.”  I came back refreshed and inspired and blessed beyond measure!

Someone asked me to bring back a picture of me having fun on the trip.  Here ya go!

Alfredo’s Fan Club: With Karla and Celeste (photo by Holly)

With Kelly at the southernmost point (Key West)
Coconut Flan (Key West)
Amazing women!
Roaming along the streets of Key West
Who could it be? (Not me!)

2 thoughts on “My Serious (Enough) Continuing Education Week

  1. i agree with Martha you look so happy in that picture! wonderful to meet you… hope your stress continues to lessen and lessen and melt away…lucky latte is a wonderfully sweet, gentle soul who has not barked once since i brought him home! a total answer to prayer in so many ways…

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