Friday Five: Dream, Girls!

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design by Denise A. Wells

Jan at Yearning for God has been studying Carl Jung and dreams with a group of friends. She invites us to play today’s RevGalBlogPals Friday Five by asking some dreamy questions:

Everyone dreams: Do you remember your dreams? How often?
Yes, I almost always remember my dreams. I dream in color and sound and am aware of feelings in the dreams.

Did you or do you have a recurring dream? Share it, if you’d like.

Over my lifetime, I’ve had four memorable recurring dreams, sequentially through my life, it seems.  My earliest dream memory was a vivid abandonment recurring dream. The second was an ominous prophetic recurring dream. The third was a FairyTale-esque recurring dream. This one pretty much stopped at the time of the end of a 23 year marriage, 15 years ago.  However, I did have one of these fairly recently.

Have you ever had recurring themes or images in dreams? Examples?

This involves my most recent of the four recurring dreams.  I have been having these since the time that there was not to be another actual pregnancy or baby in real life, and I have it even now.  One variation involves discovering I am pregnant — in my dream I can feel the baby movement in me — and being totally amazed and delighted by this.  Another variation involves a baby — always an infant girl.  She is mine — biologically, or at least to take care of  — and sometimes, in the dream, that is challenging, but most often it is peaceful and happy. 

Do you day dream? About what?

Yes. Most often I daydream about what miracles might be possible.

What are your dreams/hopes/goals for the future?

More pleasure, more play, more health and energy, more creativity and enjoying the gifts in each day.  I hear that sounding pretty vague with a tinge of Pollyanna.  But, at the end (I hope and pray it’s the end) of a way-too-long period of drama and angst and trying too hard at things that bore little or no fruit  — and blaming myself far too much — I’m ready for more JOY!  

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Dream, Girls!

  1. thanks, this is powerful and so self-revealing! You said, "trying too hard at things that bore little or no fruit…" me too, but without any accompanying drama. Peace and hope to all of us!

  2. I've been paying a lot more attention to my dreams over the last several months. They are so vivid, I figure my psyche is REALLY trying to tell me something! And Sharon, I've missed you! Remember when I asked you to read my manuscript? Are you still game? Because I could use your insights, sister! Email me if you're up for it, and it's so good to have found you again! xoxo, DeNae (

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