Friday Five: The Things We Do For Love

Love can work miracles....Songbird’s invitation to today’s RevGalBlogPals Friday Five:

I have a friend who, when she has to be away from her child, goes to the trouble of planning a present for each of the days they will be apart. (This is not one of those stories where “a friend” means the person who is telling the story.) I’m impressed by her organizational skills and her creativity and her thoughtfulness.

She does these things for love.

And although love looks different depending on how we best express it, there are definitely things we do for love. So for today’s Friday Five, please share the following five things:

1) Something you did for love that was a hit
Probably because of the story above, the first thing that came to mind is ancient history now:  When they were little, I used to make faces out of the finger food on the kids’ plates.

2) Something you did for love that was more of a miss
In ways big and small, I have been trying to show love and support and respect to some beloved loved ones at a special and critical time and it’s made things worse it seems.

3) Something someone did for love of you
A biggie:  For my 50th birthday, my daughter helped the congregation arrange a really wonderful surprise party and gift me with a liturgical robe that I had been wanting.  Her unexpected presence there was a big part of the delightful surprise!
A nice thing:  I have gotten some very sweet emails lately, unexpected ones, thanking me for what we’ve shared &/or for being in each other’s lives.

4) Something you *wish* someone would do for love of you
Someone recently planned a fun and relaxed, bordering on zany, time of just goofing off together. I love when that happens. I feel loved and understood when that happens. I *wish* it happened more often.

5) Something you’ve done for love of God
The United Church of Christ has embraced a thing that Gracie Allen said to George Burns way back: “Never place a period where God has placed a comma.”  Very often, I’m tempted to place a period and orchestrate completion and resolution.  Sometimes I can’t do it for myself, or even for someone else, but loving God, I let there be a comma and stay open and ready.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Things We Do For Love

  1. The comma story is one that will stick with me. I liked your personal stories that brought up images from my own life that correspond to them.

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