Friday Five: Workspaces

Today’s RevGalBlogPals Friday Five is about workspaces and what’s in them.  Today, revkjarla invites us to name five things in our workspaces that are special. Some of mine are:

A Jack Sparrow puzzle — pictured here, it was a gift from a friend and lives on my home desk.

A crystal jar — a gift from the first church I served, it was given — and has remained — full of M&Ms and usually resides on the desk of my pastor’s study. I’m moving out in the next two weeks so the pastor study stuff is in transition, too.

A magnetic puzzle — the kind with little men (or women?) you can stick together.  Turns out those pocket crosses are magnetic, too, as are paper clips. It’s also usually on my pastor study desk. Kids play around with it when they come in to eat M&Ms.

An “EASY” button — as in “That Was Easy” — pushed mostly in irony lately, or would that be sarcasm?

A “To Do list” — I make them because I should; I ignore them because I can.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Workspaces

  1. I like your philosophy on "To Do" lists. I actually enjoy making them almost as much as I enjoy ignoring them. Or better yet, I add things to them that I actually did (eat chocolate) so that I can have the satisfaction of making a check mark!

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