Friday Five: Summer Reruns

“The cousins” on the family cruise

Today’s RevGalBlogPals Friday Five is an invitation by Songbird to be inspired by this season of summer TV reruns and list five things that are worth a repeat.  Coincidentally, today is also National Repeat Day!

1. Family vacations:  My extended family is spread all over the country from east coast to west coast to gulf coast and beyond.  We do attempt to gather for special occasions, the next one being my niece’s wedding in September in Baton Rouge.  A few years ago, we took a family cruise — my first cruise — and all of us were there — my mom, all of her children and their spouses, and all of their children and the newest family member at the time, my son-in-law.  We have also taken some beach vacations in Florida and met in Gatlinburg, TN one year.  We don’t do it every year, but a family reunion-type gathering is always worth a repeat.
B.E. 4.0 new friends
at church together, sorta!
2.  A cruise:  Last year’s RevGal B.E. 4.0 was my first repeat cruise after the family cruise.  I had an ever-lovin’ blast!  B.E. is definitely an experience worth repeating, so I’m getting my application ready for next year’s B.E. 5.0.  Since we sail from New Orleans, that week of Continuing Ed will definitely be combined with a vacation to the Louisiana relatives (see #1).
3.  Planting a garden:  I repeat the “dig in the dirt” ritual every year.  My main “crop” is herbs and this year’s star is basil I grew from seed.  Some oregano apparently didn’t make it from the plant, but did reseed itself.  The others are cilantro, parsley, sage, chives, mint, and dill.  I tucked in there somewhere an orange pepper plant.  I also sprinkled some extra color by planting few marigolds and impatiens among the perennials that are already looking great.  
GranGran and Daniel:
an “I love you” moment
between my mom and my grandson
4.  “I love you”:  Always worth a repeat, as often as possible.  
5.  “Damages” TV show:  I had never heard of this show but ran across it on instant Netflix and was hooked on the reruns after watching the first episode.  Glenn Close stars as a lawyer, and it is dark and very suspenseful.  According to its Wikipedia entry: “The show is noted for its plot twists, nonlinear narrative, technical merit, season-long storylines and the acting ability of its cast.”  I also have enjoyed reruns of “Deadliest Catch” and “Modern Family” and “Desperate Housewives.”  I didn’t get hooked on “Glee” or “Pushing Daisies,” for what it’s worth. 
Thanks, Songbird, for the rewind through some things worth rerunning!

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Summer Reruns

  1. Oh, now I remember "Dangers"…I did watch it for awhile, but became weary of the manipulations of Glen CLose's character, and the "evil woman" theme.And, I too never got hooked on "Glee"…but I did spend six years going to my daughter's choral concerts at middle school and high school….which I loved, but found that Glee was a bit like a repeat of that…LOL

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