Friday Five: All About Allergies

My nose started feeling sneezy as soon as I saw the picture of the ligustrum bush on this week’s RevGalBlogPals Friday Five.  Mary Beth is highly allergic to them and I am too.  We had ligustrum bushes all around our house in El Paso because they grew so easily there.  That was the first thing I discovered I was allergic to.  So, here’s my Friday Five about allergies:
1. Do you experience any season allergies?
Yes, I’m allergic to spring things, especially white flowering trees and bushes. 

Pascal Restaurant: Flourless chocolate cake
Not allergic to chocolate!  (this cake is flourless)

Do you have any other allergies?  Yes, sadly — aspirin, sulfa, keflex and penicillin as well as adhesive tape. It’s not technically an allergy but wheat and gluten are not my friend.
2.  What kinds of symptoms do you experience during your allergic reactions? 
Let’s just say it’s not pretty.
3.  How do you manage your allergies? 

In my dreams, I’m on a cruise for May and June every year. In reality, I take Singulair daily, keep an inhaler for possible asthma emergencies, avoid all of those drugs as well as wheat and gluten.  I don’t avoid going outside, but I would not knowingly go anywhere near a blooming ligustrum!

4.  What is the strangest allergy you ever heard of? 
Aren’t some spouses allergic to each other? I think I’ve heard that, and that would be strange. (Had to google it to see; edited to add link)

5.  How do you feel about school policies banning peanuts and other allergens? 
I’m out of the school child loop, so I don’t know about those policies.  In general, it would be challenging to ban everything that might be potentially harmful to someone else.  

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: All About Allergies

  1. That reminds me that I've heard of semen allergies! Sorry that so many things cause you grief, but glad that you have ways to cope. There's a link on my blog to a gluten-free site (gluten-free goddess, maybe?) Some of those recipes look amazing!

  2. Too bad you're allergic to all those medicines. That can be scary, as our first child had a severe allergic reaction to amoxicillin–his face and neck swelled up terribly. I had never known an allergic reaction could be so obvious!

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