Color Me Happy!

ColorsToday’s day-dreams are brought to you by the color … green? … red? … mauve?  I don’t know what color. And that’s my dilemma.

I have been dreaming of paint. My day-dreaming was inspired by an 87-year old woman I visited recently whose home is sweet, small and impeccably painted in white — yes, white! — and she does the painting herself. Regularly. Still. At age 87.

I confess that, before home Communion was served, I interrogated her at length about painting. I was hoping that she could infuse me with some of her expertise in painting and some of her quiet confidence about style. I’m sure she would laugh if she heard me say that she has style, but, in my eyes, she does. All of her walls and woodwork are painted white and yet still her house is cozy and not at all stark. She used color in beautiful ways.  She used, tastefully, a color I love:  red.  I was inspired.
So color me HAPPY that I found a fellow blogger who also delights in finding her decorating colors. She recently posted something really fun over at This, That, and The Other which she got from Lisa Clarke’s blog, Polka Dot Cottage. What total serendipity! For I am pretty sure that “Cottage” would be somewhere close to a label for what might loosely be called my “personal home decorating style.” “Shabby Chic” is casual and tattered enough but a little too soft and too pastel. I’m only a little bit “Country” and, beyond that, I’m not sure what the categories of decorating style even are.   But I digress … !
About finding those colors: Check out both blogs for a cool tool called The Color Palette Generator. You can use your own photo from a vacation spot you loved or choose a photo that gives you a good feeling — say, happy and content, or energized, or inspired.  This tool lets you see the individual colors that could make little parts of your world feel the same way.


7 thoughts on “Color Me Happy!

  1. First, I want to say thanks for visiting my blog recently. As a result, I came HERE and have discovered you! I see by your profile that we have a bunch of things in common. I also like your writing style, so consider me a new regular. I look forward to getting better acquainted.Second, thanks for today's post! I have no clue what my decorating style might be, but I think I'm a frustrated decorator in search of a style. I sort of fall into that category of knowing what I like, but that isn't sufficient when it comes to putting together a room. Ya know? So I plan to explore the links you posted today and learn some things. And who knows, from there, I might just decorate!

  2. Very fun.I love color, and I love it against a white background, though most of the walls in my house are a sunny yellow.It's fun to think about how I can make my house more fun to be in, and I refuse to see that as being frivolous or unimportant. Somehow spirituality is expressed in all that creativity. It may sound weird, but I believe that.

  3. Hi Sharon. Thanks for stopping by my Journey Through Grace as well. What a lovely blog you have! I've added you to my daily read.Years ago, I embarked upon color in my home and agonized about the choices. When a friend who does design suggested we paint our foyer a bordeaux color, I was gulping. Then, she gently took me by the shoulders and said, "It's only paint Jayne. If you don't like it, you can change it!" So, bordeaux it was, and we LOVED it! It changed the entire feel of the house, and soon we found ourselves putting color on every wall in there! Now, I am no longer afraid of color and surround myself with golds, greens, and any other color that makes me happy. Good luck in finding your color!

  4. Re: the giveaway on my blog… I love oatmeal, too, in the winter, and use maple syrup, raisins or dried cranberries, sometimes dried apples, flax seed and cinnamon. Were we separated at birth?

  5. Thank you for the blog mention! That tool is so much fun to play with! I posted the link to it on my Facebook page, and a bunch of my friends from high school started playing with it, too –it's addictive! Jayne, I love that comment "It's only paint!" Thank you for the reminder! I have been agonizing over doing some colors and you just revealed my stress!

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