Back to School Book Week: Craft Books

Stash Buster Quilts: 14 Time-saving Designs to Use Up Fabric ScrapsSchool has started up again here.  So, Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage got this idea from Eren at Vintage Chica:  Let’s use this back-to-school week to talk about the books we are loving right now.  A different kind of book will be featured each day.  Today is CRAFT BOOK day, and I do have a few of those!

This book is Stash Buster Quilts: 14 Time-saving Designs to Use Up Fabric Scraps by Lynne Edwards.  To say that my fabric scrap collection is a “stash” is to call an arctic iceberg a chunk of ice.  I have boxes full of opportunities for using up scrap fabrics.
The problem is that all my fabric is still stashed away somewhere among the many many boxes in my basement that are yet unopened since my move here well over a year ago.  My sewing machine is out, ready to go, but I would be hard-pressed to find a replacement needle for it.  My lap quilting frames are readily available, but not quilting needles or thread.
I even know where this book is!  I love to look at the pictures and imagine a time a few months from now when the weather cools off and a quilt-in-progress would be multi-comforting.   Add a cup of tea by my side and a cat at my feet and that is a picture worth 1000 scraps, wherever they are!
Will I ever really bust my stash?  Doubtful.  But I will uncork some of those boxes before the first snowfall and start — piece by piece — creating a new treasure.

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