News Fast, Day 4: The Joy of Limitations

Tunnel Vision Of A Different Kind
Here I am on Day 4 of my self-imposed news fast.

What I miss the most:  Commenting on Facebook posts about news or news-related things.

What I don’t miss at all:  Morning TV.  I have replaced that with music and podcasts from my iPod.  Nice!

What I love the most:  The limitation!

With “news” off the table, there are actually more things to explore.  I have downloaded podcasts to my iPod that I am now listening to when I would have been listening to, watching or reading the news.  I recommend Stuff You Missed in History Class.  (The link is to some top podcasts, including that one.)  OK, so I’m technically listening to old news!  How about A Crash Course in Miracles?  (Future news?)

Another limitation I have learned to truly enjoy is living gluten free.  There are so many things in the grocery store I just don’t have to look at now.  I have enjoyed getting to know much better the international foods aisle and the health food aisles.  I didn’t miss anything delicious in last night’s dinner of Spicy eggs diablo on polenta.

Imagine other possibilities for creative limitations:

  • Calorie limitations:  Dr. Oz promotes “extreme life extension” through a limited calorie life-style.  He calls it a “diet”; I prefer to adopt a “life-style.”  Think of it as life extension rather than deprivation!

To be continued …

6 thoughts on “News Fast, Day 4: The Joy of Limitations

  1. You've inspired me. I've tried to limit my news, and that helps, but I'm going to start a fast! I'm going to work on my husband this weekend, since he'll have to go along with me or I'll just hear it in the background. Yes, there's so much more out there, and I'm tired of the arguments!

  2. It's been really nice, Rebecca. I did a news fast for Lent once and I couldn't believe how it healed my spirit. I hope I will get to hear how this goes for you!

  3. Creative limitations! What a lovely idea. It reminds me of trying to teach kids to write poetry in the public schools. They were intimidated by free verse, but when I gave them a structure (ie limitations) like "a sonnet" or "a haiku" they went crazy with creativity.Structure is a good thing. It frees people!Lily, aka Witch Mom

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