Not ashamed of the gospel

Does this look like an anti-war protester? Or a DFH? It’s actually a picture of a faithful and courageous Christian leader who is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, Rev. John Thomas and Rev. Linda Jaramillo, both national leaders in the United Church of Christ, were arrested for attempting to deliver to the White House a petition for peace in Iraq. The petition carried some 60,000 signatures, including mine, I’m happy to say.

Mainline church leaders have never been asked to the White House, nor has the president of the United States found time in his schedule to grant even one meeting that mainline church leaders have requested.

In 2003, as war in Iraq is promoted, President’s schedule “too busy” to meet with mailine church leaders

Methodist leaders encourage Bush to repent

Yet, he has been very accessible to, and influenced by, the likes of James Dobson and the (far) religious right.

Bush meets with Religious Right to get support for Iran policy

As a disciple of Jesus Christ who seeks to be a peacemaker, I am inspired today, and energized, by the witness for peace that led to the arrest yesterday of John Thomas and Linda Jaramillo at the White House gates.

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