Friday Five (plus): My Name Spells Gratitude

H + O = An odd home in Albuquerque

Jan is a RevGal pal who came up with a fun Friday Five today: She invites us to make an ABC Gratitude list.  “Use your name or nickname of about five letters and express your gratitude about something that starts with each letter.”  My first name has six letters, so I’m stretching the Friday Five to this “Friday Six” objects of my gratitude today:

S — Singing.  I have been struggling with laryngitis for the past week.  I kind of like the break from talking, but I miss singing. Singing is a sign of good worship, overflowing joy, or a playful time.

H — Home.  I am grateful when I feel at home.  I’m especially grateful for the ways I can feel at home when I’m away from my own house — with family or friends, and especially when I feel at home in a totally new place.

A — Ancestors.  Think of all the DNA combos that came together over eons to create each person!  I also wonder about what movements of their lives are playing out again in mine.

R — Reunion.  Coming back together with family or friends is sweet!

O — Oddities.  I am grateful for the out-of-the-ordinary things that get my attention and change me — things like thinking outside the box, doing something new, stretching outside the comfort zone, or a unique piece of art or something amazing in nature.

N — Naps.  Yeah, naps.  The Sunday ones, especially.

8 thoughts on “Friday Five (plus): My Name Spells Gratitude

  1. I love seeing "my" name with other words! And the fact that you put "oddities" where I put "ordinary"–and yet I completely agree :). I adore naps, too… wish I'd thought of that.

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