Friday Five: Favorite Words

Picnic At Eureka Lake

Today’s RevGalBlogPals Friday Five is inspired by the Spiritual Formation hour at Jan’s church where they have been sharing special words with each other and the stories they inspire.  Jan has invited us to write about 5 words we really like and tell why you have chosen each word. These came to me today, in this order, when I was writing my 750 words to start the day.

Lagniappe — (LAN-yap) a French word that means (my translation) “delightful extra things you didn’t deserve”; it’s the idea behind the baker’s dozen of paying for a 12 donuts and getting 13.  Lagniappe represents the generosity and party atmosphere that characterizes both Cajun Country’s “let the good times roll” and what I have known of God’s grace.

Vocation — from the Latin vocare meaning “to call” and  I know that because of a seminary paper I wrote at least 20 years ago!  I love this word because it inspires me and reminds me of why I do what I do when I don’t remember.  It is also the antidote to un-church-like words like “hire” “job” and “volunteer.”

Picnic — I have always loved this word!  “Picnic” sounds like the party it is!  To declare “picnic!” is to set aside regular schedules and table manners, pack a basket, go outside, play games, eat finger food, take naps in the sun … the list could go on and on.  And you have to add a crazy “K” before you add “-ed” or “-ing”!

Careful — Word that inspires trust and comfort and sometimes slows me down in a good way.

Y’all — The English language is bereft of a plural “you” and so we have made up our own.  My greatest linguistic prejudice (blush — there are many!) is that I cringe every time I hear the northern plural slang of you — “youse” or “you’s” and sometimes “youse guys” — my skin is crawling to even write those.  When I hear “y’all” I know I am close to people who get me.

Thanks, Jan, for the Friday Fun!

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Words

  1. I'm learning so many new words today! Lagniappe is great! I also love vocation. I remember learning "vocation" as the "story of one's call" in my undergrad KJV Bible as Literature class. I've loved it from that moment.

  2. Add me to the lagniappe list. My aunt and uncle moved to South Carolina 40 years ago…and after being with them for just a couple of days…ya'll becomes second nature.

  3. Lagniappe reminds me of serendipity, which is a favorite word! And I've said y'all all my life, even as a Yankee (southern roots, what can I say?). Nice list.

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