Friday Five: Resurrection Preview

RevGal Dorcas extends the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five invitation today by asking us to anticipate resurrection:  “List five ways that your life is moving toward light, joy, hope — new things:  new ideas, new people, new hobbies … and so on.”  Thanks, Dorcas, for a glimpse of resurrection as Lent becomes ever more arduous.

I once was a towel and now look at me!
1.  New Food: Curry — I’m looking forward to experimenting with curry recipes.  I think I was sort of promised some delicious recipes by a few RevGals on Twitter the other day, that may be wishful thinking talking.  Something called “red curry” sounded fascinating.  If I get lucky, some curry recipes or links will be left in the comments.
2.  New Idea:  Blog — I am still working up a new blog inspired by B.E.4.0.  Lent has demanded pretty much all of my creative time and energy.  I’m hoping the season of Resurrection gives me some time to pursue that further.
3. New People: Hispanic friends — Our Penn Northeast Conference UCC has several things going relating to the Hispanic community that is growing in and around Allentown.  It’s a whole new set of people to enjoy!
4. New Activity: Writing Online — I haven’t written “the book” yet, but I am writing regularly at  It’s been more regurgitation therapy than anything else so far.  I’m a total sucker for the rewards and stickers and such that you get by doing the work.  
5. New Ministries: Lots! — We have a ton — I mean a ton — of kids and youth in, and orbiting around, our church.  I am looking diligently for the needed lay leadership emerging that could give us a real youth group.  We have building challenges that could lead us to rethink the way we do Sunday School, or perhaps a new building program may be in the works.  And some of the complaints that have been swirling may be answered with technology rather than trying to patch old wineskins like the church newsletter.  

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Resurrection Preview

  1. Lots of fun new things! I love curry, but confess that I use what comes from the grocery store spice aisle. I suppose I should get adventurous and learn more.Your new ministries portion has me thinking about encouraging our congregation to "rethink." Alas, we have an abundance of long-term, ho-hum folks who resist anything that challenges what they know. I keep trying! Blessings on your new lives!

  2. mmmm curry!! I love curry, and love as well. So excited for the hispanic ministries in your conference….and looking forward to your new blog when it is birthed!

  3. I had a delicious red curry in coconut milk at a Thai restaurant the other day…yum! Good adventure to explore.And, how exciting that you have all that energy around youth and kids and church!

  4. I had red chicken curry at my favorite local place last night. Have made it…not hard but we were in the mood to let someone else cook. Must. Do. 750 words! Life has been getting in the way (or at least that's the excuse.

  5. It seems like Lent puts a strain on pastors anyhow it is done. Ours get together conference wide and do a rotation. Maybe you could set up something like that–same sermon/homily, just travel each Wednesday to a different church to give it. Wow, everything else made me think there is a lot happening in the Spirit moving around you!!

  6. ahhh the towel animal. [sniffs back nostalgia]I have recipes for curry powder of the yellow (heavy on the turmeric) variety, if you ever 'take the fit' to make your own. They are labelled "mild" and "hot." This is a lie. they are "hot" and "ridiculous."A great post…and a great pic!

  7. I had a bad experience with curry a while back, but I am glad you are finding life in playing with it.Sounds like you have much bubbling up! May you finish Lent well and experience the richness of God's grace and renewal at Eastertide!

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