Friday Five: Very Very Good

A snowy cemetery in December in PA

The Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals today is perfect for Lent-in-Full-Swing.  Thanks, Kathryn, for asking us to do something do-able for busy RevGals: a “quick pick” of five things that are good in our lives right now and — the bonus — one thing we could do without.

The five good things:

  • Health and strength.
  • Just the right amount of very good social life.
  • An uncharacteristically peaceful spirit
  • The awareness of co-workers in the struggle for justice and peace.
  • I am looking forward to vacation the week after Easter!
And I could do without another funeral during Lent.  Monday will be number four of the season.

A blessed Lent, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Very Very Good

  1. Sorry about the funerals. I've always been interested that they come in streaks, less interested when it happens to us.Love your 'good stuff' list. Thanks for playing!

  2. Those are five very excellent things! And I hope for you that the funerals cease, as well. Been there. It's draining, to be sure, and heartbreaking for the community.

  3. In my 2nd year of ministry, I had 24 funerals in one year –almost 1 every 2 wks in a tiny little parish in upstate NY (ASA 60.) Five of those were suicides which I find to be the hardest to do. It is easy to get down when the ministry is all about death even when you are preaching the resurrection. Take care of yourself in these last weeks before Easter. Do not ignore your grief otherwise it will be hard to sing Alleluia by Easter. You will be in my prayers.

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