Friday Five: Favorite Things of the Season

christmas lightsThe RevGalBlogPals Friday Five today is an invitation to name five things that mark the season for me and one thing that doesn’t do it for me.

1.  Candles, including the “fake” window candles

2. Christmas tree lights, any kind, the more the merrier!

3. The movie “White Christmas”

4.  Snow! 

5.  Christmas Eve worship service, especially lighting the Christ candle

The one thing that doesn’t do it for me is when those who are most vocal about “Jesus is the reason for the season” tell me that they won’t be coming to the Christmas Eve worship service because “family comes first.”

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Things of the Season

  1. Loved your excitement about snow, lol! Here on the east coast of Scotland I think we're pretty over what has been freak snow conditions being dumped down on us. Isn't it a fascinating paradox about loud voices and lack of presence… family-olatry ugh.

  2. Can't find a thing to disagree with here! I think we were fortunate that although my inlaws went to a different church, the tradition was there that first there's church, then the Christmas Eve feast. (Scandinavians, don'tchaknow).

  3. You bonus–no doubt! I get kind of annoyed at the whole "put Christ back in Christmas" thing. I say, let the secular Holiday be secular and don't try to make it a watered down version of what is sacred.

  4. I love Christmas Eve candlelight service too. I miss planning it this year. Daughter and her family still attend the church I formerly was pastor of, so we will be there on Christmas Eve this year…but it is at four p.m. and NO candles. Sorry, IMO that's just wrong! 😉

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