Some See Fungi

Some “rare” Texas mushrooms

Words:  The dawn of Day Four of NaNoWriMo and I have completed a tenth of the 30-day journey of 50,000 words with a current word count at 5163.

As if the voices in my head are not sufficiently taunting and belittling, Laura Miller at opines that NaNoWriMo is a (quote) “waste of time and energy.”  “Better Yet, Don’t Write That Novel” Laura advises those of us who would give ourselves permission to write a whole lot of *compost* for a whole month.

Better yet, read Carolyn Kellogg’s rebuttal (debunking?) of Miller’s article.  At LA Times online, she offers Twelve Reasons to Ignore the Naysayers:  Do NaNoWriMo.  Why, she makes it seem almost harmless for a couple of hundred thousand writers — or “writers” — to have occupied themselves producing 305,703,617 words so far in 2010!

Picture:  Taken in Southlake, Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth area) in September, this picture of mushrooms in my sister’s front yard is evidence that it does, indeed, sometimes get soggy in Texas.

You say “fungus”; I say “mushroom”!  And then, I write about it, because it’s what I do.

One thought on “Some See Fungi

  1. Holy frijoles, Sharon, you're kicking my trash! I won't even tell you what my word count is, but I think you could add them up with your fingers and toes. OK, not really. But today is Saturday, and I'm definitely NOT at the 8500 mark I should have reached yesterday! Maybe I'll start counting all the words in e-mails, texts, and blog comments. That should get me closer!!Do you remember that I said I wanted to ask you a favor? Well, here it is: When I finish my novel, would you be willing to be a beta reader for it? Just someone who reads your stuff and makes a few notes like, "This is brilliant" or "This sentence just changed my life" – you know, the kind of honest feedback a writer needs in order to perfect their craft?Let me know! (And BTW, I'm a great beta reader myself. When you wrap up NaNo and are ready to revise, send your MS my way.)

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