Friday Five: Dreamy Ministry

The Friday Five today on RevGalBlogPals is about the things that give energy in ministry and the things that take energy away.

The actual “Friday Five” bring out the Whine & Gripe in me, so I’m going directly to the Bonus Question (because I can!) about my very own Dream Ministry:

Orange DreamsicleFriday Five:  My Dream Ministry Ingredients

  1. Serving among an enthusiastic, authentic loving community of people who are spiritually focused, God-oriented, open to the surprises of the Spirit, and who seek to function as the body of Christ.
  2. A desk that has all of its drawer pulls, drawers that don’t stick, and that is not located under the pull-down door for the attic storage.
  3. A water source in or near my office and a heated restroom that doesn’t necessitate a walk all the way through the dark, unheated sanctuary in winter.
  4. An office that is not also an archives room, storage area for communion supplies, and catch-all place for “temporary” things.
  5. Technology that actually works for the ministry (’nuff said)

Come to think of it, I could let go of the last four of those to be blessed with the first one.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Dreamy Ministry

  1. I remember taking a vocational test that had something to do with work environments and expectations. My expectations were low (several of your answers bring this to mind), and the tester raised his eyebrow. I remember saying something about the reality of church budgets and not expecting much when it comes to work space. Would that it could be different.

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