GF Magic: Chocolate for Breakfast!

Practical Magic Blog Party
Tomorrow is the Practical Magic Blog Party.  I’m posting today because I have to be present at an all-day seminar tomorrow called Legal Issues That Can Really Bite Churches if They Aren’t Careful … or something like that.

I was inspired by the movie version of Practical Magic,  and especially by this wacky commandment delivered by Frances:  
“In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast and never bother with silly things like bedtimes, or brushing our teeth.”

What could be more magical than letting go of some of the rules that were passed on to us as non-negotiable?  I’m not ready to let go of bedtimes or teeth-brushing, so let’s keep those bedtimes flexible and let’s relish toothbrushing as part of a bedtime routine that is healthy and relaxing!
PM Yoga anyone?
For chocolate lovers who learned well the lesson that the breakfast meal was off-limits to their favorite comfort food, I present

“Chocolate for Breakfast”

Chocolate for Breakfast

Huge thanks to Karina over at Gluten Free Goddess blog for developing and sharing her recipe for GF Quinoa Breakfast Brownies.  Doesn’t it look yummy?  Karina is an awesome GF chef and her love for food finds expression in the most delicious recipes.  

I felt positively witchy mixing up all the ingredients.  I already had most of them in my kitchen, including the chocolate chips I had for melting onto my birthday cake and my morning-oatmeal-enhancing golden raisins.  I used a Pampered Chef medium bar pan, lined with parchment paper.  As Karina advised, I will wrap the squares individually in foil and freeze them in a freezer bag.
Voila!  Instant chocolate comfort food that is ready to go — morning, noon or night — especially when I’m in a witchy mood!
For something to sip along with these squares of chocolate joy, I put the “lime in the coconut” along with some frozen bananas to make this smoothie:
“Lime in the Coconut” Magic Smoothie
coconut milk 
frozen banana
lime juice & finely grated lime zest
ice cubes
Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder (optional; adds color and nutrition)
These are the actual ingredients in the smoothie pictured.  I can’t give you exact amounts because I just threw stuff in the blender until it looked right.  You can “put the lime in the coconut” in your favorite smoothie recipe or conjure up something delicious using this guide.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “GF Magic: Chocolate for Breakfast!

  1. I have been known, since a very young age, to indulge in brownies for breakfast. And one night, when I was a teenager, my brother, his girlfriend and I had a chocolate dinner: chocolate waffles with chocolate whipped cream on them, chocolate milk, and I can't recall what for dessert. I just know it was chocolate.

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