Happy Birthday to me!

Three year old me

For those who wished me a great day, your wish came true:

  • A beautiful card and a great gift to wake up to
  • Celebrating worship and communion with a congregation who sang “Happy Birthday” to me and enjoying some very good-natured kids of the church
  • Hanging out with my easy-to-hang-out-with son
  • An amazingly good Mexican food restaurant in our neck of the woods — great find!
  • A bookstore browsing and two new quilting magazines
  • Enjoying cooler weather and noticing leaves tinged with fall color
  • Happy birthday calls from sweet daughters and hearing from dear family and wonderful friends — far and near — all very special people
  • Gluten-free chocolate cake (thank you, Betty Crocker!) with dark chocolate icing and vanilla ice cream — for supper!  That, plus a multi-vitamin and some de-caf coffee sounds plenty good enough.  
  • And I am pretty sure there will be a Netflix movie to end a perfect day!
Life is good!

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