Back to School Book Week: Fiction

It’s “Fiction Day” of Back to School Book Week and I wonder what to pick as my favorite fiction book.  For sheer escape fiction, I really like the sassy, action-packed J.D. Robb mysteries and recently have discovered the South-based mysteries of Greg Iles.  Dean Koontz writes horror in the most compelling way, and it turns out that he’s United Church of Christ, at least according the UCC Tribute song by “Lost and Found” which is the only Christian band I’ve ever loved.  But I wander …
The Alchemist
If I had to choose one book to highlight as a favorite, it would be Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.  It is a fable about a man who says he is looking for treasure but there is so much more to be searched for and found.  I have liked a good fable since back in the day when Aesop’s fables were read to me from the Childcraft books (links provided to enlighten the post-baby boom, not-yet AARP crowd).  This book is about journey and meaning and it’s also an easy, good read.

I have a few other favorite adult fables (“allegorical novels”) on my bookshelf:

 Thanks to Eren at Vintage Chica for creating this fun challenge!

4 thoughts on “Back to School Book Week: Fiction

  1. I LOVE fables (my mom read the same book to me, I bet,) yet I've never read any of those adult ones you listed except The Shack, which I did enjoy. Oh boy, a new list of books to read. Thanks!

  2. The Monk who Sold his Ferrari is a excellent book! Thanks for the reminder…a perfect book to re-read just before the High Holidays, when I should be looking inward. The Alchemist is also good — but I never got as into that one. Maybe I should give it another try. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. I had forgotten about "God on a Harley". I liked that book so much some years ago that I gave it to all the females in my husband's family! (Only because I have no family left.)

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