Friday Five: De/Re/Clutter

dancing hula girlRevGalBlogPals throw out (so to speak) a Friday Five about clutter.

But first, a story:  I discovered the magic of being a “clutter-holic” when I was a child in my grandmother’s attic-like garage.  After Sunday dinner, during “adult conversation time,” we grandchildren amused ourselves by going out to the garage and going through her stuff — trash to some, endless treasure to us. One year, we accidentally found the yet-unwrapped Christmas presents.  

Another time, we uncovered the not-so-well-hidden box of my uncle’s treasures from his military days.  This picture reminds me of our best find — a two-foot tall wooden naked (except for her grass skirt) Hawaiian girl who sported red Christmas lights where her nipples would have been.  Oh — yes, indeed-y — when she was plugged in, she danced (I believe) and her “girls” lit up (most definitely)!  The adults then would confiscate her, chastise us, and then put her somewhere else.  Then, the game every week became finding where they had hidden the floozy we named “Jezebel.” 

1. What things do you like to hang on to?  Books and papers

2. What is hard to let go of?  Books and papers

3. What is easy to give away?  Clothes are easier than anything else

4. Is there any kind of stumbling block connected with cleaning out?  I don’t want something to “go to waste” so it’s easier if I know that I can give things to someone who will use them.

5. What do you like to collect, hoard, or admire?  Books, doilies, glass things, sentimental things, photos

Bonus: Tell us about recycling or whatever you can think of that goes along with this muttering about cluttering.

I would love to tell you about my worm composting, but I haven’t actually started that … yet!

    6 thoughts on “Friday Five: De/Re/Clutter

    1. Of course you have to keep books!I actually am quite proud of the number of books we were able to part with when we moved. But I still had 5 2 cubic foot boxes worth for the office, another 2 of adult books for the house and another 4 of children's books….

    2. Sharon: I had a worm compost many years ago. Not plastic DH built a wooden container. It was absolutely golden, having those little critters work their magic compost for the veggies. A nude lady in a grass skirt……..with lights, no less. Wow, how could one throw that out? Jeannie

    3. I am right with you on the books! And it seems that when I do finally part with some, I need those exact books for something within a couple of weeks! Makes it even harder to let them fly!

    4. I'm a huge fan of "Hoarding:Buried Alive", because it makes me feel better about myself. I have the same problem with not wanting things to go to waste.

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