Bits and Pieces

flower recipe box
I made a pretty decent quiche last night out of some ham, mushrooms, onions and green pepper I had hanging around in my fridge. I modified Chef Larry’s Ham and Mushroom Quiche recipe to fit my ingredients. For fun and health, I put it in a whole wheat pie crust that made “healthy” pretty delicious.

Today is DAY 10 of my 14-day doctor-imposed medical vow of silence. Seems to me that not talking makes it harder for me to get things done as quickly. I apparently talk my way through my whole life, singing and cheering myself on constantly. So, I’m not quite on time with the church newsletter or this Sunday’s worship bulletin. Other slow-me-down things: Babies, children, teenagers, empty house, summer gardening, fall foliage gawking, keeping warm in winter, spring fever, a cup of coffee with a friend, and — stop the world — being out of coffee.

The even harder thing, pastorally speaking, is that our church is in crisis and grief because one of our dear ones is suffering from a sudden,incredibly debilitating mysterious illness. “If one member suffers, all suffer together …” (1 Corinthians 12:26a) To comfort without words? Is it possible to do? Sure. Just not the usual. Maybe better. Who knows?

I got a visit from a Pocket Faerie yesterday! She brought me a magic treasure chest, and it was filled with hugs and love!

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