What Friday Is Good For

Usually Friday is my day off, and I’m pretty good about taking the whole day off to do UN-CHURCH-RELATED things. This week is our Vacation Bible School week so I am taking a half day off and then going to do some visitation before Vacation Bible School this evening. There’s a lot that can be done in half a day off:

  • Exercised first thing
  • Listened to Air America Radio and spend a few minutes crying with Cindy Sheehan over lives lost in the war in Iraq — and wondering if she will get her questions answered because they are my questions, too.
  • Ate a very delicious breakfast of egg-in-toast, an orange, and coffee
  • Finally watered the two geraniums on the front porch. I kept thinking it would rain. It hasn’t. Now, we are expecting severe thunderstorms this afternoon, so I’m not watering anything else until I see if that happens. It’s dry as Texas here!
  • Cleaned really well approximately 1/3 of the kitchen and got the kitchen window washed (at last!)
  • Put in the first of 2 (or 3) loads of laundry
  • Updated my web site and am now writing this blog entry

That’s it. In case there was any doubt, I’m not an overachiever! I do enjoy a good day off, though, even if it’s just half a day.

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