It has been many months since I’ve posted to this online journal. I don’t know why that is or why I’m back…at least for today…

We are getting more snow this morning. We’ve had something like 50 inches of snow this winter (maybe more). And February is typically a big snow month!

I can’t describe how much I am enjoying living in this place. There are so many things to love about it. The church I serve is a very wonderful place to serve and worship and learn. I lead a Wednesday morning study using the Brueggemann book The Bible Makes Sense where we are looking at ways to look at the Bible and understand it. I also help lead a Sunday morning group that looks at the lectionary text for the following week. People in the church are loving and energetic and so much fun!! There is always lots going on–more than I ever imagined!

This area of Pennsylvania is called The Endless Mountains, and that pretty much describes the feast of beauty that this place serves up. If the weather had cooperated today, I would have spent the day driving and doing errands and goofing off–a great way to spend my day off. My new plan is to stay cozy inside.

I have been here 9 months and I sense a shift just now in my ministry here from the “honeymoon” period to “real life” ministry. That definitely doesn’t mean that anything has gone wrong or gone sour, but that things are starting to get very real (and more even paced, maybe) between the congregation and me. That feels good … and right.

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